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Sonic Chicken Tenders 2024 – Wraps, Wacky Pack & Calories

Sonic Drive-In, renowned for its delightful and delicious fast food items, offers cheeseburger, corn dogs, tater tots, and crispy chicken tenders. Sonic chicken tenders don’t consist of only crisp and chicken but these tenders are juicy and full of flavors.

Sonic chicken tenders are available for both kids and adults. Sonic Kids menu includes crispy tenders wacky pack that contains 2 chicken tenders, fries, tots, or applesauce, a drink, and a complementary toy whereas adults can enjoy crispy tenders with sauces or special chicken tender wraps. Let’s discuss the Sonic chicken tenders in detail!

Sonic Chicken Tenders Ingredients

crispy chicken tenders

Ingredients that are used in making crispy tenders are as follows:

  • White Meat
  • A mixture of flour, spices, and breadcrumbs for breading a meat
  • Vegetable oil for frying chicken tenders

Sonic Chicken Tenders Price

The price of crispy tenders is around $3.49 – $4.99. This price is not too costly, so you can easily enjoy these tenders to treat your taste buds.

Crispy Tenders Nutritional Information

The nutrients present in 3 pieces of crispy tenders are as follows:

Total Fat20 g
Saturated Fat2 g
Trans Fat0 g
Cholesterol95 mg
Sodium1210 mg
Total Carbohydrate27 g
Dietary Fiber3 g
Sugars0 g

Note: Sonic chicken tenders contain 430 calories while 2000 calories are often recommended by doctors. You can also check nutrients by clicking here.

If you want to know about allergens, then visit Sonic Allergen Menu.

Sonic Crispy Tenders Wacky Pack

This wacky pack is specially designed for kids to fulfill their afternoon or night cravings. This pack includes 2 pieces of crispy tenders, snacks, a drink, and a complementary toy. Kids happily enjoy this wacky pack as it is a treat to their taste buds. 


Kids can select only one snack in a wacky pack from the following:

crispy tots
  • Crispy tots
  • Fries 


Kids can select only one drink in a wacky pack from the following:

Milk jug white
apple juice box
Hi-C fruit Punch
  • Milk Jug (1%) – White
  • Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice Box
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch


The price of the crispy tender wacky pack is $3.39 – $6.99. This price varies in every location, so visit your nearest restaurant location and confirm their prices.

Sonic Crispy Chicken Wraps

Sonic chicken wraps are very famous at Sonic Drive-In. Sonic presents two new special crispy tender wraps named Hickory BBQ and a Cheesy Baja wrap to fulfill the customers’ demand. You can only enjoy these 2 items from March 4 – May 5 in limited locations. Each of these wraps costs $1.99 during this event. You can order these special wraps via Sonic Drive-In app.

Hickory BBQ Wrap

Hickory BBQ Wrap

This wrap consists of a tortilla in which crispy tenders, BBQ sauce, shredded lettuce, and cheddar cheese are wrapped. The BBQ sauce increases the taste of this wrap to a high level. Sonic also introduces Hickory BBQ burger which is very unique and delicious.

Cheesy Baja Wrap

cheesy baja wrap

This wrap consists of a tortilla in which crispy tenders, zesty cheese sauce, shredded lettuce, and cheddar cheese are wrapped. This wrap is best for cheese lovers.

Sonic Chicken Wings

boneless wings imgaes including buffalo and many other types

If you have a craving for eating some juicy and saucy chicken then you must try Sonic boneless wings that are served with various sauces which makes it more exciting. The best part is that these wings are available in a reasonable price so you must try it!

Here are the prices of chicken wings:

Sonic Chicken Menu ItemsPrices
Boneless Wings – 6 Pc.$4.49
Boneless Wings – 12 Pc.$8.79
Boneless Wings – 24 Pc.$16.99
Ultimate Chicken Sandwich – Traditional or Classic $5.99


Sonic crispy tenders are the best choice to treat kids and adults. It is available at a reasonable price, so you can enjoy it without breaking the bank. It is recommended to eat crispy tenders with various sauces available at Sonic Drive-In.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are good in taste.

No, they are not bad for health, however, eating fried tenders in excess amounts leads to high cholesterol levels.

The 5 pieces of crispy tenders contain 30g of proteins.

Yes, you can choose different sides for the wacky pack.

The Sonic tenders contain 430 calories.

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