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Sonic Cheeseburger 2024 – Price, Calories, & Combo

Sonic Drive-In is the most famous restaurant in America that is renowned for its delicious fast food. For burger lovers, Sonic is always the best option because of its unique taste and wide variety of flavors.

Sonic offers many delicious burgers such as Cheeseburger, Sonic Double Cheeseburger, Hickory BBQ Cheeseburger, Garlic Butter Bacon Cheeseburger, Pulled Pork BBQ Cheeseburger, Peanut Butter Bacon Cheeseburger, and many more. Here we discuss only Sonic Cheeseburger, its prices, ingredients, calories, and nutritional information.

Sonic Cheeseburger Ingredients


The ingredients that are used in making cheeseburger are as follows:

  • Cheese Slice
  • Burger Bun
  • Tomato
  • Ketchup
  • Diced Onions
  • Burger Patty
  • Mayo
  • Pickles
  • Lettuce

First, the burger bun is toasted until it becomes golden brown then a 100% seasoned pure beef patty is placed between the buns. Sonic melty American cheese, ketchup, onions, lettuce, creamy mayo, tomatoes, and crinkle-cut pickles are used as toppings which makes the burger more delicious, juicy, and exciting.

Sonic Cheeseburger Price

The price of a cheeseburger is $3.89 but this price may vary in different locations. The cheeseburger is available in almost every Sonic location but it is recommended to confirm it from your nearest restaurant outlet.

Sonic Cheeseburger Nutrition

The amount of nutrients that are present in a cheeseburger are as follows:

Protein (g)31
Carbohydrates (g)53
Total Dietary Fiber (g)2
Total Sugars (g)12
Fat (g)42
Saturated Fat (g)11
Trans Fatty Acid (g)0
Cholesterol (mg)70
Sodium (mg)1380
Calories from Fat380
Calcium (mg)185.41
Vitamin A – IU365.67
Iron (mg)4.05
Vitamin C (mg)5.24

Sonic Cheeseburger calories: The cheeseburger contains 720 cal, however, an intake of 2000 calories a day is often general nutrition advice.

Cheeseburger Combo

sonic cheeseburer, tater tots, and drink

If you want to enjoy a cheeseburger with snacks and drinks, then must try a cheeseburger combo deal. This deal includes:

  • Cheeseburger
  • Tots or Fries
  • Drink

The price of this combo deal is only $5.99 so don’t wait more and visit the Sonic with your family and friends to enjoy this awesome deal.


The number of calories present in the above cheeseburger combo deal is 1010 – 3150. An intake of 2000 calories a day is often recommended by the doctors.

Discount on Sonic Burgers

half price cheeseburger text and burger image

Sonic offers discounts on all their single beef patty cheeseburgers that weigh approximately ¼ lb. Every Tuesday after 5 pm, you can enjoy cheeseburgers at half price. However, this deal is only for registered Sonic App users and you can only order them online. This deal is not valid with any other Sonic combo deal. Not only on burgers, Sonic also offer various deals on corn dogs, drinks, and slushes. Sonic also offer $1.99 menu where you can enjoy quarter pound double cheeseburger only in $1.99.

Sonic Customer services

Sonic Drive-in OfficeOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Contact Number1-866-657-6642


Sonic Drive-In cheeseburger is the best option to satisfy fast food cravings. The best part is that this burger is very delicious and it costs little. You can also enjoy its combo deal with your family and friends so must visit the Sonic Drive-In.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sonic uses 100% pure beef patties in their burgers.

Yes, tater tots are included in the combo deal.

A cheeseburger contains 720 calories.

The cheeseburger costs around $3.89.

The cheeseburger costs $5.99.

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