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Sonic $1.99 Menu | Summer Specials | Wraps, Shakes, & Snacks

Sonic Drive-In offers a new Sonic $1.99 menu for those who want to eat burgers, snacks, and a sweet treat without breaking the bank. This new menu is also called the Sonic Fun.99 Menu.

This new menu includes 5 delicious items such as Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap, Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap, Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger, Chili Cheese Coney, Tots, and a 16-ounce milkshake only for $1.99 each. You can choose a milkshake from 12 different flavors. Let us deeply dive into the world of the new Sonic menu and explore much more exciting information!

Complete List of Sonic $1.99 Menu Items

new sonic menu food items

All the items included in this new Sonic everyday deal are as follows:


  • Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger


  • Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap
  • Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap


  • Tater Tots
  • Chili Cheese Coney

Classic Shakes

  • Strawberry Classic Shake
  • Chocolate Classic Shake
  • Banana Classic Shake
  • Vanilla Classic Shake
  • Peanut Butter Classic Shake
  • Caramel Classic Shake
  • Hot Fudge Classic Shake

Master Shakes

  • Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake
  • Cheesecake Master Shake
  • Oreo Cheesecake Master Shake
  • Oreo Chocolate Master Shake
  • Oreo Peanut Butter Master Shake

If you want to know about all Sonic shakes flavors, then visit our shakes page.

Note: In a $1.99 deal, you can select only one milkshake from all the above flavors. This deal is available only at participating locations for a limited time so don’t miss this chance and order any delicious item only for $1.99 each. If you want a complete menu then visit sonic menu with prices.

New Sonic $1.99 Menu Wraps

new Sonic wraps

The new wraps that Sonic offers are as follows:

Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap

It is one of the delicious Sonic tortilla wraps which includes crispy white meat tenders, crunchy tortilla strips, and shredded cheddar cheese. The creamy Southwest sauce and white queso increase its taste to a high level.

Sonic Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap

This tortilla wrap consists of white meat crispy tenders, crisp bacon, and melty cheddar cheese. The creamy ranch and white queso give it a unique and exciting taste.

Prices and Calories of $1.99 Menu Items

The prices and calories of $1.99 menu items are as follows:

ItemCaloriesDiscounted PriceOriginal Price
Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap360 Cal$1.99$3.49
Bacon Ranch Queso Wrap340 Cal$1.99$3.49
Tots360 $1.99$2.29
Chili Cheese Coney470 $1.99$2.99
Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger550 $1.99$3.49
Strawberry Classic Shake690 $1.99$3.49
Chocolate Classic Shake720 $1.99$3.49
Banana Classic Shake750 $1.99$3.49
Vanilla Classic Shake710 $1.99$3.49
Peanut Butter Classic Shake830 $1.99$3.49
Caramel Classic Shake740 $1.99$3.49
Hot Fudge Classic Shake840 $1.99$3.49
Strawberry Cheesecake Master Shake790 $1.99$3.99
Cheesecake Master Shake750 $1.99$3.99
OREO Cheesecake Master Shake940$1.99$3.99
OREO Chocolate Master Shake910$1.99$3.99
OREO Peanut Butter Master Shake1020$1.99$3.99

Why Sonic $1.99 Menu is Better than Other Fast Food Restaurants?

sonic new menu food items

Other fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and many more introduce various deals on their menu items. However, Sonic is the best among all these restaurants not only in cost but also in taste. Here we discuss some restaurant deals:

McDonald’s $5 Deal: This deal includes 4 different items such as McChicken or McDouble, 4-piece Chicken McNuggets, small fries, and a drink.

Burger King $5 Deal: This deal includes 3 sandwiches, crispy fries, chicken nuggets and a drink.

Taco Bell $7 Luxe Cravings Box: This box includes a chalupa supreme, burrito which consists of 5 layers of fresh beef, a double-stacked taco, nacho cheese sauce, small fries, and a medium drink.

Wendy’s $3 Breakfast Deal: This deal consists of only two items English muffin sandwich and seasoned potatoes.

Jack in the Box $4 Deal: This deal includes tacos, curly crispy fries, and chicken sandwiches.

As you notice, all deals are not pocket-friendly, so Sonic Fun.99 Menu Deals are the best.

How to Order the Sonic $1.99 Deal Menu Items

The steps to order the $1.99 deal are as follows:

  • Navigate to the Sonic App or website
  • Sign in and set your current location
  • Click on the deals or featured section
  • Select the menu Items
  • Select the payment method and make the payment online
  • Pick up your food from the nearest outlet.

Sonic Customer services

Sonic Drive-in OfficeOklahoma City, Oklahoma
Contact Number1-866-657-6642


Sonic Drive-In offers various deals on their delicious Items so that everyone enjoy the tasty food at affordable prices. The Sonic $1.99 menu is best to satisfy burgers, snacks, and dessert cravings. This deal is better than any other restaurant’s deals so order from your nearest Sonic outlet and enjoy delicious meals!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, tater tots are included in the deal.

No, you can’t select.

360 calories are present in Southwest Crunch Queso Wrap.

Yes, Oreo Shake is included in the deal.

Yes, classic shakes are included in the deal.

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